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Exclusions apply listed on the page. Airline version of Greyhound bus. Worst flying experience we ever had! Applies to base fare Only. Fly on select weekdays from June to Aug. Dec 16 - Jan 8, We booked from this company last holiday season, at time of checking we were told there not enough seats for us and we left in the airport to wait for another 12 hrs, ruined our holiday, I would not take this airline forever even free.

Sold tickets to us but at seats at checking in, unbelievable. We took advantage of Frontier's promotion. On our flight out, it was 2. Returned flight had a 4 hours delay. We should arrive at 9: We also booked another flight that returns at a Sunday night but just received notice that they had changed the return flight to Tuesday night which makes it impossible for us to travel. You can book at this price but when to fly out and back you don't really know.

Can't fly to Overland Park Kansas. A business class tickets??? Never buy this airline anymore. The luggage policy sucks. I have used them a few times for trips between NYC and Colorado.. I have never had a problem. Single and light packer here.. Pay full price with the other airlines and you can get flight delays too. Not even a few drink of water as comp!

So stop complaining kids and play "FARE": Sorry couldn't help it. I boarded a Frontier flight with skepticism but was pleasantly surprised.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees: How to Save

The important thing to do is set your expectations right and as like other comments, I actually found Frontier better than bigger airlines in some respects. On time, cleaner aircraft, and crew has a sense of humor. Sure, the seats are a tad bit less cushioned but who cares. I am 5'11" and found leg space sufficient. I did not pay extra for better seats, just took what they allocated.

There are NO hidden fees but some people will complain about paying extra for bags! If you are on this website then you are looking for deals, then dont complain take it or leave it. Buy tickets early and stick to your plans.

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Buying last-minute tickets, canceling your trip, and changing your booking all come with extra charges. Here are a few fees you can avoid by buying your ticket early and sticking to your itinerary:. If you book your flight more than a week in advance, you can cancel your itinerary within 24 hours of booking for a full refund. Upgrade to a "bundle" to save on extras.

Packing light is one of the most effective ways to save money on your flight, and baggage fees can quickly match the cost of a discount fare. If you do need to bring a carry-on and a checked bag, you might want to consider buying one of Frontier's bundles , which throw in other extras at a discounted rate.

The catch is, you can only buy it after booking your flight - and Frontier won't tell you how much the bundle costs until then. Both bundles are only available for round trip flights and must be added to both legs of your trip.

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Bring snacks and a water bottle. Frontier will provide cups of water on your flight if requested, but not much else comes for free. If you're looking to cut way back on expenses, bring an empty water bottle through security and stock up on snacks before boarding.

Frontier has a dedicated page for its "online deals" , so it's easy to find the airline's discounted fares. You can search for flights departing from or arriving at a specific airport, and sort by price and month. For even cheaper fares, keep an eye out for flash sales and promotions.

99% Off Frontier Airlines Coupons: 17 Promo Codes, February

These deals are ideal if you're looking for a short getaway, have a flexible schedule, and can pack light. Frontier also sends out a newsletter with offers as they're announced, and frequently posts promo codes on their site. Join the Discount Den. Frontier's membership club offers exclusive access to their cheapest fares.


If you buy three round trip Frontier flights in a year, you'll have justified the cost of the membership. Frontier carries a limited number of Discount Den seats per flight, so membership doesn't guarantee savings on every trip. Once you've found a discounted itinerary that works for you at least a week in advance, it's best to book it - if anything changes, you can cancel within 24 hours for a full refund.

Combine those ultra-low fares with Frontier's promo codes to save even more on your flights. Frontier Airlines does everything in their power to make the experience easy, relaxing and, most of all, enjoyable for travelers. Not only does Frontier go up, up, and away with their services, the flights themselves are some of the most affordable. Slip back into childhood and rediscover the sheer joy of being able to fly, with all the perks and luxuries that an adult looks for in an airline.

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The more points earned, the more opportunities there are to save money on future trips. Members are granted the chance to receive discounts on baggage. Don't forget to log in to save your favorite stores and codes

1. Bring your own snacks.